Metasphere helps customers prevent leaks and spills for a cleaner, greener world.

We deliver intelligent, innovative all-in-one telemetry solutions that provide full network visibility, performance and forecasting that reduce telemetry ownership cost for our customers to manage time-critical remote assets and systems.

Our solutions are suited for Water, Wastewater, Environmental and Gas applications.


Metasphere is a global industry brand, synonymous with telemetry excellence to help our customers prevent leaks and spills for a cleaner, greener world.

As a wastewater application specialist business, we provide monitoring solutions to the global utility industry with installations in more than 25 major utilities, government agencies and system integrators. We liaise with all sectors of the industry, from major utility companies to environmental and regulatory bodies.

The company has grown organically over 30 years and in 2018 attracted investment from XPV Water Partners, further enhancing growth opportunities.

With operations in the UK and Australia, our friendly expert team is always ready to help with your telemetry and monitoring needs, whether relating to waterwastewaterenvironment or gas.

We also have a presence at many industry events, so get in touch to meet us. Our upcoming shows are listed here.


At Metasphere, our core vision is to develop telemetry solutions that drive sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.

We strive to protect these precious resources by helping our customers optimise their networks to achieve zero escapesno leakageno spillageno shrinkage. We achieve this through intuitive innovation, ‘doing it right’ with sustainable business practices, and open and honest communication with customers as they are at the heart of what we do and why we do it.

Closer to the Customer. Intuitive Innovation. Challenge Constructively. Be honest, be sincere, do it right. Win Together.

These are our values that define our everyday decisions, how we operate and who we are as a business.

We have grown organically over the past 30 years and continue to grow and succeed as a business. Our success stories pay tribute to our absolute focus on our vision and values where we Win Together with our customers as we help them optimise their networks to achieve zero escapes: no leakage, no spillage, no shrinkage. 


Metasphere was founded in March 2006 as the result of a management buy-out of the telemetry division of Logica Plc, now CGI. Following the privatisation of water and wastewater utilities in the UK, Metasphere was able to harness extensive experience of winning major consultancy contracts to provide ‘wide area network control’ primarily to utilities.

In 2013, Metasphere launched Point Colour, a distinctive range of low-powered RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units) and data loggers for deployment in water and wastewater applications, followed by Palette,  a web-based visualisation and reporting tool. As a result, the company grew its deployed base to c.50,000 installed units.

Today, Metasphere provides solutions for collection, processing, visualisation and reporting of data and information for many key customers in the UK, Europe and Australasia.

Metasphere Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 2014 to provide local support to a growing number of customers in Australasia. To broaden the company’s reach and capability, the Australia team is based across 4 states with a head office based in North Sydney.

Metasphere adopts a dual outsourced Contract Electronic Manufacture (CEM) approach to manufacturing. The company operates under ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001.


We are justifiably proud of our innovative telemetry solutions and continue to develop solutions to further drive sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.

Protecting our natural world from pollution is what is most important to us, with our customers at the heart of it all.





ART Sewer is a groundbreaking Wastewater Level Monitoring solution providing users with an all-in-one approach for cost-effective mass deployment of IoT sensing devices across a wastewater network.

Combined with smart machine learning data analytics, ART Sewer is the first-ever solution to deliver ultimate network visibility, performance and forecasting.

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