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Tim O’Brien is an experienced CEO, with a strong background in the Water and Wastewater industry, Environmental Control and Electronic Metering. His specialist focus is to re-energise and grow businesses that market products and services; with personal fulfilment and success having been achieved through leading commercial developments, developing brands, and building successful teams.

In his spare time, Tim is an accomplished sailor, having participated in various championships.

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Using Innovative Technologies to Help Mitigate Pollution Caused by Wastewater Spills: WATER MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2022 Retrospective

#Emissions&AirQuality  #SmartCities  #SmartGovernance  #SmartIndustry  #SmartInfrastructure  #SmartWaste  #SmartWater 

Monitoring wastewater levels in a wastewater network is imperative to enabling utilities to effectively manage their networks to prevent wastewater spills, reduce pollution and improve […]

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