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On November 10th we hosted WATER MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2022 at The BCEC, Birmingham. This Smart Class showed key stakeholders how deploying the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices can help manage the distribution and management of water resources across our cities and regions, and also offers utilities an opportunity to improve efficiency and customer service whilst reducing water scarcity.

As usual, our videographer captured the keynotes and innovator presentations on film for additional stakeholders to enjoy post-event!

If you meet our regular delegate qualification criteria but were unable to join us on the day, just complete the short application form at the bottom of this page and we’ll give you complimentary access to the presentation videos, recordings and slides.

Our inspirational keynotes included Severn Trent’s Innovation Architect, James Ballard, a specialist in Control and Automation systems, the Artificial Intelligence of Things and Digital Twins; the Environment Agency’s (EA) Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programmes Manager, Tom de la Rosa, accompanied by Project Groundwater Programme Manager, Jed Ramsay, from Buckinghamshire Council’s Strategic Flood Management Team; and Bristol Water’s Asset Strategy and Planning Team Lead, Marc Tite. James, Tom, Jed and Marc provided invaluable real-world insights into some of their water management strategies, ongoing programmes and challenges, digital visions, collaborative initiatives, adoptions of transformative technologies and data driven outcomes.

The Smart Class also featured innovator thought leadership presentations from Metasphere’s CEO, Tim O’Brien, and Commercial Director, Phil Tomlinson; Project Centre’s Principal Civil Engineer, Javier Soto Martin, and Technical Director, Michelle Hope; Green Valley Group’s Managing Director, Jonathon Davies; and on behalf of BIM4Water at British Water, Clare Kovacs (National Rehearsal Lead at MWH Treatment & BIM4Water Chair), Jamie Mills (Global BIM Manager at Xylem & Previous Chair of BIM4Water) and Rodrigue Kemgne (BIM Coordinator at Binnies & Chair of BIM4Water’s 4D BIM and Beyond Task Force). Our innovator speakers addressed distinct smart water and wastewater innovation themes and priority areas of application, and subsequently hosted confidential, deeper dive, roundtable discussions with all delegates in attendance. The live (in-person only) session also included Q&As and further networking opportunities over breakfast, drinks and a cooked lunch.


Topic highlights included:

  • The artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) – a digital journey to transforming the water sector: supporting the drive towards a net-zero future where end to end processes are fully optimised for changing conditions and assets never fail unexpectedly;
  • Design and deployment of the UK’s first storm preparation ready intelligent sewage pumping stations;
  • Developing “SPS dynamic risk matrix” – dynamic  flooding prediction for sewage pumping stations enabling proactive interventions;
  • Fully autonomous waste catchment powered by AI and smart sensors – an OFWAT awarded project through the water breakthrough challenge;
  • Using monitoring and other innovative technologies to mitigate pollution caused by wastewater spills – a holistic, all-in-one approach to managing wastewater levels;
  • How utilities are able to intelligently manage their wastewater networks by combining wastewater level data with historic, current and forecast rainfall data and, through the use of smart, machine-learning analytics, start to provide intelligent alarms;
  • Zero pollution vs zero spills;
  • Learning from the past, preparing for the future – AMP6 and AMP7;
  • Legislation – impact of the Environment Act, PR 24 and storm overflow discharge reduction plan;
  • The EA’s flood and coastal resilience innovation programme – an introduction to the national context of the FCRIP and its ambitions to 2027;
  • Selected FCRIP projects – Cumbria (NFM, blended finance, community resilience), Rochdale (property flood resilience, insurance), Doncaster (urban SuDS), Cornwall (sand dune protection), Norfolk (community coastal transition);
  • “Project Groundwater” – innovation, collaboration and challenge in flood risk management: developing, trialling and adopting improved practices in how groundwater flooding is managed, addressing areas of monitoring, mapping, modelling, warning, responding, prevention, resilience and damage reduction, plus research, evaluation and legacy;
  • How sustainable drainage systems can mitigate flood risk and the impacts of climate change;
  • SuDS case study – the South Chingford flood mitigation scheme developed for the London Borough of Waltham Forest: reducing flood risk whilst also providing an opportunity to improve biodiversity and ecology, enhance water quality and enrich the public realm;
  • Enabling data driven insights within Bristol Water – how asset management is driving change to elevate the customer experience;
  • Working with industry experts to develop future technologies (e.g. live data inputs, real time modelling, extended field lab/water quality devices, acoustic loggers, DAMSAT, condition monitoring – portable vibration analysis, PULSE – PRV management system, Data Fix APP, CLIO etc) to prevent leaks, manage dam safety, improve water quality, support customer engagement, deliver near real time network modelling and more;
  • Managing asset information and data for water industry stakeholders – aligning physical assets and asset data to ensure that plant and equipment is being maintained correctly and assets achieve their intended lifecycle and beyond;
  • Driving digital transformation of a sector in support of the national digital twin programme, with a focus on 4D and beyond – BIM4Water’s journey to date and the key work of the 4D and beyond task force and its future plans in supporting the water sector in its adoption of visualisation to drive DX and great collaborative practices.

Those qualifying to receive the presentation videos and rich media content from this event include commissioning, procurement, innovation, trialling and partnering leads, senior influencers, strategic decision makers, environmental managers, policy makers and planners from UK water companies and utilities, wastewater and sewer operators, lead local flood authorities (unitary authorities and county councils), city/borough/metropolitan councils, district councils, combined authorities, highways authorities, prime contractors, general insurers, large water consumers, central governmental and regulatory bodies (e.g. Defra, DCLG, Ofwat, Environment Agency, DWI, SEPA), independent industry and consumer organisations (e.g. Water UK, CCW) etc.

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WATER MANAGEMENT Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how deploying the latest digital technology-enabled solutions and best practices can help manage the distribution and management of water resources, and also offers utilities an opportunity to improve efficiency and customer service whilst reducing water scarcity. WATER MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2022 will be hosted in Birmingham on November 10th.


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