Redefine Open – Open Data, Smart City, and API solutions – Open your data & turn them into business:

Opendatasoft is a cloud-based turnkey platform for data publishing and API management. Its interface is intuitively designed to empower anyone, regardless of technical skill level, to upload easy-to-understand Open Data, or to even share data within an administration or organization of any size. The platform can:

– Be at the heart of Open Government initiatives with easy to build visualizations based on Open Data

– Serve as a hub for Smart City projects, collecting real-time information from sensors, connected objects and IoT, always producing powerful APIs

– Simplify internal data sharing by breaking down data silos


Opendatasoft believes that Open Data’s power can only be harnessed when it is accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise. That’s why we have designed our platform in such a way that it allows users who have never seen a dataset to instantly connect with the information before them, while still being powerful enough to push the limits of the most advanced developers. We make it easier for business users to publish, share, and reuse data via:

– Low-cost turnkey and scalable architecture that collects data from a wide array of sources

– Multi-cloud and API oriented infrastructure to leverage the programmable web

The platform is robust and allows for new services and businesses to be set up around the data thanks to:

– Fast go-to-market capabilities for new apps and innovative services

– Industrial partnerships based on data sharing  – Capability to process large data flows (M2M, internet of things, connected objects, sensors)

Office Address
130 Rue de Lourmel
75015 Paris

Selected Experts & Contacts

David Thoumas
Founder & CTO
Franck Carassus
Founder & COO
Jean-Marc Lazard
Founder & CEO
Customer Success Team Leader for Public Sector and Europe Market

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