Helping to optimise the transport network and improve urban infrastructure

As we emerge from a life-changing year and work out new ways of living, how we move around and connect with our cities is crucial to the next stage of progress. Our mission is to support transport authorities on this transition, while maintaining a privacy-centric, citizen-first approach.

Our artificial intelligence sensors and Smart Junctions signal control gather detailed and anonymous data 24/7 on transport modes, traffic flow and travel patterns, supporting strategic decisions to help optimise the transport network and improve urban infrastructure.


What we’re about

Better Data
We believe that cities deserve better datasets. We’re focused on providing unprecedented insight through video analytics to help cities improve their transport network.
Modern Systems
We’re modernising the road transport system. We are building optimisation systems, from real-time prediction, traffic signal control to guiding connected and autonomous vehicles.
We believe that all personal data should be protected. We are dedicated to using privacy-by-design principles to ensure that personal data is not compromised.

The Team

We want to put artificial intelligence at the heart of every transport network to make it work better for everyone – and that means bringing together a talented team with diverse experiences, backgrounds and skills.

We are incredibly proud of our people and have inspiring, expert talent across each department. We strive to push the boundaries and deliver beyond expectations, all while supporting each other and enjoying life!

Join us

We’re a rapidly-growing, fast-paced team that thrives on challenge. We encourage an open, collaborative and flexible working environment. We’re transparent in our operations and everyone is given a huge amount of responsibility, and are trusted to deliver.

We want the best of the best and will overcome barriers, such as visa processes, to ensure those people can work with us.

We are taking steps to broaden our approach and actively encourage female applicants to address the lack of women in tech.

Interested in joining the Vivacity team and want to know more?


Keeping citizens’ data secure and private

Our vision is to provide citizen-centric Smart Cities that make our places more interconnected, greener and safer, and at the heart of this is data privacy. Keeping citizens’ data safe and private is critical to the success of this technology and our privacy-by-design principles.