Municipal Waste Management, Reimagined.

WasteHero has created a reimagined & up-to-date 360° SaaS Suite helping cities manage waste collection, reduce operative time & engage citizens effortlessly.

It’s our mission to bring the waste management industry into the 21st century.

We won’t stop until we’ve brought sustainable waste management to every corner of the globe.

Our Story

Since 2017, WasteHero has been paving the way for sustainable and data-driven waste management.

We achieve this by bringing all data and workflows into one platform, empowering employees with up-to-date software, and optimising processes to conduct waste collection more sustainably.

Today, WasteHero serves local authorities and waste collectors globally from its headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark and offices in Copenhagen and Nottingham, England.

  • WasteHero Platform – Enterprise cloud software for waste management, connecting software modules, third-party systems and vehicle technologies in a central ecosystem to suit your exact needs. Read more >
  • Transportation Management System – Digitise, simulate and automate route schemes for both fixed and dynamic schedules. Live-track operations, verify services and review detailed historical performance. Read more >
  • Intelligent Route Optimisation – Data-driven route optimisation powered through smart bin sensors and our state-of-the-art self-learning prediction algorithm ensures you’re collecting only when necessary. Read more >
  • Customer Service System – A powerful worktool that manages asset information, incoming requests, inquiries, historical services and invoices for citizens and commercial customers. Read more >
  • Mobile In-Cab Technology – Turn-by-turn directions. Digital workflows. Optimized collection routes. Everything a driver needs for a straightforward, safe and productive workday. Read more >
  • Customer Self-Service App – The 24/7 customer self-service app streamlines waste management requests, payments, and communications for fast and high-quality service for citizens. Read more >
  • Automated Workflows  – Take the pain out of manually processing common customer requests and driver issues. Simply configure your workflows and let the time-saving magic happen! Read more >
  • Fleet Management – Provides real-time tracking, management and analysis of waste management fleet operations to increase cost efficiencies for local authorities. Read more >
  • Asset Management – Digitise your containers that are tied up in spreadsheets to gain a clear overview of assets. Import historical weight data, track fill levels and get a detailed view of service history. Read more >
  • Digital Engagement – Transform how your team works with the robust waste management platform that supports digital engagement across departments and customers. Read more >
  • Recycling Campaigns – Engage, educate, and drive behavioural change in citizens for better recycling rates and increased diversion from landfills with the Recycling Campaign tool. Read more >
  • Hardware Marketplace – Amplify the functionality of your software with WasteHero’s marketplace of plug-n-play hardware devices. Need help finding what’s right for you? We can help. Read more >
  • Vehicle Technology – Enables fleet managers to monitor vehicle and driver performance to cut costs, improve safety and increase the sustainability of operations. Read more >
  • Smart Bin Sensors – Smart bin sensors track, measure, and monitor waste container fullness to empower dynamic container collection at the right time, every time. Read more >
Advantages of Smart Waste Management
  • Improve Productivity & Performance – Through collaborative work tools, digitalisation of work processes and automation of repetitive work tasks, local authorities and waste collectors reach new levels of productivity and performance. Read more >
  • Increase Profitability – Automated planning, intelligent route optimization, vehicle technology, and improved customer engagement work together to boost efficiency and reduce costs across operations for local authorities and waste collectors. Read more >
  • Boost Sustainability – Local authorities cut carbon emissions through optimised routing, improve waste volumes diverted from landfills through citizen education campaigns, and enable more sustainable driving behaviours with driver coaching. Read more >
  • Superior Customer Engagement – Reimagine the customer experience with citizen-centric digital tools that provide speedy service and high-level engagement, including the Customer Service System and Citizen Self-Service App. Read more >
  • Become a Smart City – A digital and automated waste management solution driven by smart technologies helps cities optimise their waste functions, promote economic growth, improve the quality of life for citizens and deliver on sustainability initiatives. Read more >
  • Enhance Safety – Reduce accidents in your community and keep drivers safe with CAN Bus data monitoring, mobile in-cab technology and shift planning built specifically for employees working within municipal waste management. Read more >
Office Address
WasteHero ApS
Europaplads 16
1. sal tv. 8000 Aarhus C

Selected Experts & Contacts

Hussam Mansour
CEO & Founder
Simon Schøler
Chief Commercial Officer
Christoffer Mikkelsen
Chief Technology Officer
Anders Hans Hinrichs
Co-Founder & CPO
Khaled Saied
Co-Founder & Chief QA Officer

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