Yotta is a global connected asset management software and services provider. We empower organisations to make better, more intelligent decisions by ensuring our Customers systems, assets and people are connected, and the data they produce is structured and captured to provide operational insight.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and data drives us forward.

We understand our customer’s needs and provide them with revolutionary connected asset management solutions utilising our industry-leading software and consultancy services.

Our cloud-based asset management platform, Alloy, equips our clients with amazing data visualisation, powerful workflow management tools, enterprise strength and user specific capabilities.

Connected assets lay the foundation for the future of smart cities, and Yotta’s software and services represent a ‘new era’ of connected asset management.

Not only do we provide our customers with world-class products, but the level of customer service they receive from Yotta is second to none. Our team are personable, accessible and responsive to our customer’s needs.

Whether it’s improving data quality by exploring new sensors, developing compelling user interfaces or helping with investment planning to deliver services at the best possible value for money – we work with our customers to overcome any operational challenges and utilise our software capacity to deliver a holistic, multi-asset modelling approach.

“To be effective, asset management software must turn data from impenetrable bits and bytes into the kind of insight and intelligence that drives decision making”​ – Nick Smee, CEO at Yotta

  • ALLOY – The future of infrastructure asset management: The world around us is changing, technology and IoT are driving that change. This leads to ever increasing data and the need for 24/7/365 connectivity and of course the need to maximise the value we can gain from this. Alloy takes asset rich environments into the future with connected asset management. Alloy is the only connected asset management solution able to seamlessly connect people, systems and assets. It is scalable across multiple asset types and integrates with all systems through powerful API’s.
  • HORIZONS – A whole-life approach to asset management: Horizons is the leading solution for strategic asset management – take the next step forward in asset management and visualisation. Horizons is being used to manage in excess of 100,000km of highway assets across the UK from Unitary Authorities, London Boroughs, Metropolitan Boroughs, Counties and Trunk Road Agencies. The combined value of assets managed by Horizons is over £115bn, which is enabling authorities to realise significant savings as well as helping them to justify bigger, more appropriate budgets to ensure required service levels are achieved.
  • Our professional services team support rich environments of all sizes across a wide range of industries. The aim of our expert team is to support and guide our customers to manage and improve their business, helping organisations to optimise systems and understand their data in order to drive efficiencies and deliver world class customer service. The team includes professionals from investment management, utilities, asset management, local highway authorities and consultancy backgrounds and includes a broad range of professional skills and experience including Business Strategists & Analysts, Engineers, Geographers, Environmental Scientists and GIS Specialists. Yotta Professional Services are dedicated to providing expert asset management consultancy services worldwide.
  • ANY ASSET – Manage any asset with Alloy. Choose from a set of Blueprints or build your own.

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  • HIGHWAYS – Digital transformation is here with our Connected Asset Management platform, Alloy.

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  • STREET LIGHTING – View accurate, real-time information about your network.

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  • WASTE MANAGEMENT – Integrate service delivery with asset management for great efficiency gains.

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  • STREET CLEANSING – Connect assets for greener, cleaner public spaces & exemplary service delivery.

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  • GROUNDS MAINTENANCE – Access operational insights about your grounds management strategy.

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  • DRAINAGE – Connect strategic planning activities with your daily operational tasks.

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  • PROPERTY – Gain strategic & operational views of complex portfolios of property assets.

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  • SMART CITIES – Connect assets across cities & towns, we’re your ideal smart city project partner.

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Yotta Videos: https://vimeo.com/yottadatatodecisions


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