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The cost of traffic congestion in terms of lost productivity alone has been estimated at $460 billion annually for just the UK, US and Germany combined! The problem is further compounded when we factor in the increased emissions from cars and the higher prices resulting from rising intra-city logistics costs. According to Robert Cooke, Head of Partnerships at Cube Intelligence, there are two main causes of traffic congestion: “The first is traffic allocation, which is an optimisation problem solvable with data. The second is driving behaviour such as cue barging and aggressive driving which causes accidents. To solve this there needs to be behaviour change”.

Cube are looking at ways to incentivise behaviour that are in line with City initiatives and in the interests of raising the quality of life for Cities’ inhabitants. They are particularly excited by the potential of their Cubebox system, differentiated by blockchain technology, to affect radical mode shift away from personal cars towards more active modes of transport such as walking or cycling. Robert will be joining us again in Bristol this Wednesday for TRANSPORT Smart Class, South West England & Wales 2018 where you can learn more from him about AI-based traffic prediction; how to incentivise Smart City initiatives through tokenised reward structures; how a data-driven approach can form the basis of a Mobility-as-a-Service platform as well as enabling logistics fleets, taxi fleets and car rental and leasing companies to track their vehicles and reduce downtime through predictive maintenance; and how driving behaviour data will also allow insurance companies to lower costs and deliver innovative products to the market.

Stakeholders with relevant credentials can apply for one of the last free delegate places by completing the registration form at the bottom of the event page. Registration closes on Tuesday! 

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TRANSPORT Smart Class, South West England & Wales 2018

On December 5th we will be casting a spotlight over South West England and Wales, hosting our speakers discussions on how the latest digital innovations can help overcome the transport and mobility challenges faced by burgeoning city-regions such as Bristol, Cardiff, Bournemouth/Poole, Exeter, Swansea Bay, Swindon, Plymouth and Torbay, and beyond.


   Bristol, UK

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