Flexible Models for Demand Responsive Transport in Wales: TRANSPORT Smart Class, Wales 2020 Retrospective


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Flexible and demand responsive transport has been operating across Wales for decades and, with the recent rise of consumer ride sharing tech platforms, there seem to be more opportunities than ever to re-invent DRT to better connect communities. So why isn’t it happening? Drop a Pin’s Asiya Jelani joined us in Cardiff last week for TRANSPORT Smart Class, Wales 2020 and explained the challenges and opportunities for demand responsive transport in Wales, the different models that could work and the steps that need to be taken to realise these.

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TRANSPORT Smart Class, Wales 2020

On 31st January 2020 we will be casting a spotlight over Wales, hosting our speakers discussions on how the latest digital innovations can help overcome the transport and mobility challenges faced by burgeoning city-regions including South East Wales and the Cardiff Capital Region, Swansea Bay, North East Wales/Deeside, and beyond.


   Cardiff, UK

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