TfGM’s Rafael Cuesta keynoting at TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England


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Transport for Greater Manchester is focused on identifying and delivering new and innovative technology to not only make travel easier but to create a truly sustainable transport network for the future. Central to their agenda is the need to deliver collective and shared mobility through a digital platform that encourages more people to travel sustainably.

We’re delighted to confirm that on July 11th, TfGM’s Head of Innovation, Rafael Cuesta, will be delivering a keynote on “The MaaS Proposition for Greater Manchester” at our TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England edition. Rafael’s presentation will focus on how the Greater Manchester City-Region is embracing new technology like Mobility as a Service and working to deliver a healthy transport ecosystem, including the use of autonomous vehicles.

Rafael has a wide range of experience in the transport and intelligent mobility field and significant expertise in the development of mobility as a service. He has worked with big commissioning budgets and advices cities and European networks on sustainable mobility. He leads TfGM’s international co-operation programme in the areas of sustainable transport and innovative transport solutions. He regularly moderates round tables at conferences and other high-level policy events and is currently Vice-Chairman of ERTRAC – European Road Transport Research Advisory Council – representing cities and regions on behalf of POLIS with the mission of accelerating development of sustainable, integrated transport solutions in Europe. He is also an UITP Ambassador and an active member of the UITP Combined Mobility Commission.


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TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2018

On July 11th we will be casting a spotlight over the North of England, hosting our speakers discussions on how the latest digital innovations can help overcome the transport and mobility challenges faced by city-regions of the Northern Powerhouse and beyond.


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