Abhijeet Saikia

Senior Development Manager & Sustainability Blogger

Abhijeet Saikia is a Senior Development Manager with over 17 years experience in project development and leading multidisciplinary teams to deliver complex and challenging energy projects.

Abhijeet focuses on developing and implementing technologies and strategies that challenge conventional ways; driving efficiency and deploying innovative solutions to improve quality, deliver programmes and meet budgets. His extensive experience spans sectors and markets, both national and international, and includes the development and delivery of engineering solutions for projects associated with Power Transmission & Distribution (substations, Cable & OHL), HVDC Cable & Converter Stations, Wind Farm & Solar Energy Grid Connections, Thermal Power Generation, Nuclear & Scientific Research Projects, Flood Mitigation, Sewage/Water Treatment Plants, Gas terminals, Utilities and Railway Stations.

You can contact Abhijeet via his blog site e-mail address: info@sostenible.com


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