Aurelien Cottet

Instant System

International Sales Director

Instant System

Aurelien started his career as an entrepreneur just after graduating with his second Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, earned at Georgia Tech (USA).

Since then, he has worked for the past 20 years as an International Business Developer and Strategist in diverse fields: semi component, roaming telecom, telecom billing validation, telecom anti-fraud, IT security using two-factor authentication, and factory 4.0 with Testia (an Airbus Group Company).

He was also elected to the Board of Directors of Maas Alliance in June 2020 and is an active Advisor & Contributor for the think-tank Urban AI.

In 2021, Aurelien joined Instant System as the International Sales Director, after spending four years as the MaaS Worldwide Expert at Transdev. He brings his expert comprehensive knowledge of complex MaaS projects to Instant System’s customers.

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