Stuart Scott

Videalert Ltd, part of Marston Holdings

Strategic Account Director - North


Stuart Scott has over 17 years’ highways experience, working across both the public and private sectors, and is currently responsible for managing relationships and developing new business opportunities for Marston Holdings across the Northern region.

Stuart joined Videalert in April 2019 directly from Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council where, as Head of Highways, he was responsible for managing the Highway Operational Service. In a little over two years, he has led the team in becoming the largest CCTV ANPR enforcement operator in Scotland with having no client accounts to now having three out of the four Scottish cities that are able to enforce. He has also been responsible for leading the successful award of the Bradford Clean Air Zone, which will see more than 360 cameras deployed in the largest single Council role out other than Transport for London and Transport for Greater Manchester.

He is passionate about educating and technically advising clients to maximise return on investment with the utilisation of the same platform architecture at the edge. Prior to this, Stuart was part of the Capita Group where he was involved on a number of outsourcing opportunities with core services along with heading up the Local Government team with ParkingEye for a time.

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