Matt Clifton

Leicester City Council

Smart Leicester Programme Manager

Leicester City Council

Matt Clifton is the Smart City Programme Manager at Leicester City Council.

Previously he worked with the Greater London Authority, Milton Keynes Council, South East Midlands LEP, Department for Communities and Local Government, New Local Government Network and the European Parliament.

Matt’s Experience, Knowledge and Skills include smart city programme and policy development, as well as project management and delivery.

He has in-depth knowledge and experience of the many dimensions of smart cities, for example, digital infrastructure, economic development, environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

Matt has built and developed cross-sector partnerships at local, regional, national and European levels. He is also skilled at collaborative working with businesses, community organisations and universities.

Matt has an MA in International Relations (Tokyo); MA in Mass Communications (London) and BA Hons in Economics & Politics with European Study (Exeter & Berlin). He is also a Qualified MSP Practitioner.

Personal Twitter: @_mattclifton

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