Dr Paraskevi (Vivi) Michalaki

National Highways

Future Technologies Team Leader, Intelligent Transport Systems

National Highways

As the Team Leader of Future Technologies and Mobility within the Intelligent Transport Systems group at National Highways, Dr Vivi Michalaki focuses on the research and implementation of new technologies and solutions to enhance the road operation and improve mobility services.

Vivi joined Highways England following her role as Research Engineer at Balfour Beatty and Loughborough University, where she completed her Engineering Doctorate in Transport Engineering deploying detector technology and developing safety risk models for site operatives. Her work activities include the advancement and optimisation of technology use (both infrastructure and applications) to improve safety and customer experience, the development of Intelligent Mobility for National Highways, and the integration of motorways and trunk roads with the wider transport network. Vivi is particularly passionate about collaboration with academia to promote research and innovation, as well as inspiring young students through STEM activities to follow an Engineering career path.

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