George O’Ferrall

Southampton City Council

Sustainable Projects Lead (Air Quality), Green City and Infrastructure

Southampton City Council

Since joining Southampton City Council almost three years ago, George has taken on the role of Air Quality Lead and is now responsible for The Council’s air quality programme of work.

In this role he is responsible for the delivery of The Council’s Local NO2 Plan and the development of city’s new Air Quality Action Plan. Collectively these represent over two dozen projects totalling over £3.5m in investment into improving the city’s air quality.

These projects largely involve upgrading older buses, taxis and The Council’s fleet to cleaner emission standards and reducing congestion. He’s also pursuing more innovative projects including the rollout of low cost sensors supporting a behaviour change programme which aims to tackle particulate matter emissions from domestic solid fuel burning, and is responsible for air quality considerations in the planning process.

George works alongside other colleagues in the Green City and wider Transport team to deliver major transport projects, including the rollout of electric vehicle charge points, ensuring that air quality remains a key priority for the council and that co-benefits between other agendas can be maximised where possible.

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