Alina Bahr

ioki - a DB company

Senior International Sales & Business Development Manager

ioki - a DB company

Alina Bahr works for ioki as Senior International Sales & Business Development Manager, committed to bring integrated mobility solutions to the roads across Europe with a special focus on the United Kingdom.

As an industrial engineer, she is experienced in anything that comes with digitalisation and its impa   ct on established business areas. At ioki she uses this know-how to support cities, municipalities and transport providers in driving forward the mobility turnaround through the development of new digital strategies, whether they are driver-based or autonomous.

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ioki is a full-service provider for digital mobility and offers multimodal integration of new mobility forms for public transport authorities and (transport) companies in urban and rural areas – either for driver-based or autonomous transport.

ioki offers all services from a single source: The range of services extends from mobility analytics to the optimisation and digitalisation of transport offers to their operational implementation together with strong partners from the mobility industry.

The focus is on strengthening local public transport. By bridging the first and last mile, ioki increases the attractiveness of local public transport and closes gaps in the system – efficiently and deeply integrated into existing structures.

With over 70 projects on the road, ioki has developed into the market leader for on-demand mobility in German-speaking countries and is currently opening up further European countries with the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France.

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