Success Factors for DRT Planning and Operations – How to Set up a Tailor-Made Service: TRANSPORT Smart Class, London & South East England 2022 Retrospective


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How do you build a successful on-demand transport service? What opportunities does on-demand transport offer your region and what differences in planning need to be taken into account? What criteria does software have to fulfil to ensure that transport can really be operated in a user-oriented and economically efficient way? At TRANSPORT Smart Class, London & South East England 2022 we were delighted to welcome back, software-as-a-service provider, ioki to provide some of the answers.

Alina Bahr and Laura Reupke’s presentation highlighted the most important criteria for a successful implementation of on-demand transport, from the data-driven mobility analysis in the run-up to planning to the appropriate parameters in the product set up. Robert Sykes – one of the pioneers of DRT in the UK – joined us to host ioki’s deeper dive roundtable discussions with the delegates.

Sharing key findings and best practice examples, ioki demonstrated how to make a DRT service a complete success with “flexible, customised and integrated” solutions.

Presentation highlights included:

  • Replacing 100 cars with three on-demand shuttles;
  • A mapped comparison of UK public transport with and without integrated DRT services;
  • Extending the public transport area in Hamburg via DRT;
  • Substitution of existing bus lines/rides by DRT (before and after comparison);
  • Complete line-system reorganisation/redesign of all bus lines with added integrated DRT (before and after);
  • Demand prediction and re-optimisation in DRT solutions (revenue forecast of service change of integrated DRT);
  • Mixing scheduled/timetable-based and timetable-free traffic operations in one area;
  • Flexibly adaptable operating areas (daytime and at night);
  • Different setting options along temporal and spatial axes;
  • Highly flexible price adapting;
  • User friendly experiences (accessibility, booking experience, white label apps);
  • EVA autonomous shuttles – a public transport milestone in Germany;
  • The European Commission funded AVENUE project;
  • auTOnomo – first autonomous vehicles on the streets of Italy.

If you satisfy our regular delegate qualification criteria but were unable to join us in Covent Garden on October 6th for the live in-person event at Browns Courtrooms, CLICK HERE and complete the short “Download form” (located at the bottom of the post) to receive a unique link enabling free access to the presentation video recordings and slides (including the film footage and slides from Alina and Laura’s initial presentation).

Those qualifying to receive the rich presentation content from this event include commissioning, procurement, trialling and partnering leads, senior influencers, strategic decision makers and planners from local authorities (e.g. city, borough, metropolitan, district and county councils); public transport operators; regional transport partnerships, sub-regional transport bodies, combined authorities, integrated transport authorities and passenger transport executives; highways authorities and road operators; government and supporting national transport agencies; fleet operators, parking operators, prime contractors etc.

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TRANSPORT Smart Class, London & South East England 2022

On October 6th we will be casting a spotlight over London and South East England, hosting our speakers discussions on how the latest digital innovations can help overcome the transport and mobility challenges faced by the capital, it's hinterland, burgeoning smart city-regions of the South East and East Anglia, and beyond.


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