Rikesh Shah

Transport for London (TfL)

Head of Commercial Innovation

Transport for London (TfL)

Rikesh is accountable for setting the culture and processes around TfL’s engagement with market innovators that includes start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, academics, R&D institutes, accelerators, venture capitalists and large corporates. By shaping this eco-system of innovative companies and institutes, TfL’s Commercial Innovation function is able to set out clear challenges, engage with the most innovative companies from across the world, curate and incubate the best ideas and then scale them to support the delivery of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. Recent challenges include; more active travel in London, reducing the adverse impact of roadworks, bringing in the most innovative retailers into TfL’s estate and improving bus safety. Rikesh also oversees TfL’s co-creation partnerships with Corporates such as the Bosch Connectory and he also leads TfL’s Supplier Innovation activity. He is changing the way the Public Sector innovates with the market.

Rikesh was previously responsible for TfL’s world leading open data strategy and set up a digital and data partnerships function. As a result of TfL’s open data, there are nearly 700 apps used by 42% of Londoners with over 14,000 registered users, mainly developers. This also resulted in shaping innovative partnerships with leading platforms including Apple, Google, Waze and Twitter aligned to the city’s goals. A recent study illustrated the overall value of open data to London to be worth £130m per annum.

Rikesh also is a member of the Smart London Board which is charged helping the Mayor shape his vision and strategy for London’s smart city agenda and investment in data infrastructure.

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