Guy Beaumont

Turner & Townsend

Director/Digital Services Lead - Infrastructure and Defence

Turner & Townsend

Guy is a Director working across Turner & Townsends digital transformation and technology teams, particularly specialising in digital strategy, digital transformation and data analytics.

His main focus is to enhance the performance of projects, programmes and enterprises by helping clients to understand their digital maturity, develop meaningful digital strategies and manage digital transformation initiatives that contribute to the achievement of objectives. In practice this also means designing, developing and delivering solutions that better connect the physical work and built assets to an optimised digital management environment while guiding people through digital transformation.

Guy’s range of experience includes strategic advisory and delivery focused consultancy services for major infrastructure, Real Estate and natural resources programmes in the UK and central Europe. He’s also worked with various UK government departments.

Guy writes a blog, ‘Data is Potential’, which is dedicated to uncovering and communicating patterns in data using advanced analytics combined with creative visualisation and information design.

Outside of work he enjoys cycling and motorbikes, rugby, photography and graphic design, and is also very interested in systems thinking and decision theory.

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