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The Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality Leader

The Climate Reality Project
The Climate Reality Project

Ines’ passion about protecting the planet started at an early age. As a child she wrote a letter to the Mayor of her town in Spain to advocate for the protection of a local park. Growing up she worried about the wildfires, super storms and other extreme weather events scientists were predicting and wondered if all those science fiction movies would become true. Her biggest question was what can a single person do?

Now that hurricanes, fires, floods and droughts are breaking records all over the planet Ines has decided to leave the sidelines and take action. In 2018 she joined The Climate Reality Project and became a Climate Reality Leader. Ines has been trained by former Vice President of USA and Nobel Prize laureate Al Gore, scientists and other experts on how to communicate climate change, the issues, risks and most important of all the solutions available. She is now volunteering to raise awareness about climate change and working with people from all areas of society to deliver actions that would stop global warming following the principle “Act locally and impact globally”.

The Climate Reality Project is a non-profit organization involved in education and advocacy related to climate change. The project was established in July 2011 after the joining of two environmental groups, The Alliance for Climate Protection and The Climate Project, which were both founded in 2006 by Al Gore.

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