Jacqui Elliott

Kent County Council

Public Transport Project Manager/Lead for MaaS in Kent

Kent County Council

Jacqui Elliott is Public Transport Project Manager at Kent County Council and lead for Introducing MaaS to Kent. She has over 20 years experience, across both the public and private sectors, working on projects that implement innovative technology to facilitate and drive change. Passionate about making a difference to reduce transport related CO2 emissions and air pollution, Jacqui creates new opportunities and takes action to bring innovative new concepts – including Zero and Low Emission transport projects – to life with a range of stakeholders.

She has a big vision to orchestrate the development of a MaaS Framework, firstly in Ebbsfleet and then to roll it out across Kent to drive modal shift away from car ownership to shared zero emissions transport. Jacqui leads the MaaS Ebbsfleet Consortium and she is currently developing the MaaS Outline Business Case with market engagement with MaaS technology providers.

Jacqui has also been instrumental in developing Demand Responsive Transport in Kent and planning for an Autonomous Electric Vehicle trial on Fastrack. Jacqui created and submitted the DRT Sheppey Rural Mobility Fund bid to the DfT to create an innovative DRT scheme for residents of Swale using Total Transport principles. This builds on the DfT Total Transport feasibility study that she created during 2015 to 2017.

Jacqui also co-created the Ebbsfleet All Electric bus town DfT bid to introduce Opp Charger electric buses to the whole Fastrack network in Ebbsfleet. She awaits confirmation from the DfT to see whether Kent has been shortlisted for both funding bids.

Jacqui is an active member of the MaaS Alliance,  represents KCC at the TfSE Future Mobility Steering group and at the AW2E Partnership, working on the AW2E connectivity Transport study.

Jacqui was previously chair of the South East Total Transport working group during the National Total Transport study. Jacqui gained APM professional qualification in 2018 and is a full member of the Association of Project Management.

Prior to joining KCC in 2004, Jacqui was the driving force behind introducing SPECS speed cameras to the world which have now saved many people’s lives by reducing road speeds.

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