Jason Torrance


Assistant Chief Executive (and former Clean Air Cities and Policy Director)


Jason Torrance is a third sector Director with 30 years’ experience of directing effective public policy initiatives, creating influential programmes and delivering strategic impact.

He is a respected partnership convener who has used entrepreneurial approaches to build relationships within organisations, at high levels in Government, and with a wide array of cross sector partners to deliver on-the-ground change and long-term impact.

Jason led work that in recent years has delivered two National Clean Air Summit’s and an International Clean Air Summit, convened in partnership with the Mayor of London and Mayors and city leaders from across the UK.

He has previously held roles as Campaigns Director at the Campaign for Better Transport, Policy Director at Sustrans and Co-chair of Stakeholder Advisory Group at Highways England before joining UK100 in April 2018, initially as Clean Air Cities Director, progressing to Policy Director in 2020 and taking on the role of Assistant Chief Executive in March 2021. He’s also previously held positions with the Department for Transport and Greenpeace.

UK100 is a network of highly ambitious local government leaders, who have pledged to secure the future for their communities by shifting to 100% clean energy by 2050. The most ambitious – UK100’s Net Zero Local Leadership Club – are doing everything within their power to get their communities to Net Zero as soon as possible, and by 2045 at the latest. This is not just good for the planet but for the people and communities they serve, be they in villages, towns or cities. Local leaders are working together to create flourishing communities, seizing the opportunities of technology to create jobs and establishing a nationwide project of renewal, focussed on local needs and ambitions.

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