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On Wednesday, June 23rd, we convened at Greencoat Place Meeting and Conference Centre in London to host EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class, South 2021, one of the first in-person events to return since the easing of restrictions commenced. This Smart Class gave a fresh take on how to deploy digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to improve urban air quality and drive down emissions and air pollution in our cities and regions.

Our film maker has captured the keynotes and innovator presentations for additional stakeholders to enjoy post-event!

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Our inspirational keynotes included: UK100’s Assistant Chief Executive (and former Clean Air Cities and Policy Director), Jason Torrance; City of London Corporation’s Air Quality Officer, Bethiah Humphrey; and HS2’s Air Quality Lead, Andrea Davidson. Jason, Beth and Andrea provided invaluable real-world insights into the legislation and policy landscape, on-the-ground programmes and challenges, collaborative initiatives, digital journeys and data sharing experiences, and adoptions of emerging, transformative technologies.

The Smart Class also featured innovator presentations from leading technology experts and thought leaders – including Imperial’s Managing Director, Ashley Bijster, Marston Holdings’ Director of Strategic Accounts, Andrea Jones (on behalf of Videalert), Vortex IoT’s Managing Director and Co-founder, Adrian Sutton, and ANS Global’s Principal Urban Environment Consultant, Steve McIntyre – representing cutting edge emissions and air quality innovation and high priority areas of application.

Key themes and critical subject matter addressed by our speakers included:

  • A National Approach to Air Pollution – Advancing the Action Plan
  • The Public Mandate for Clean Air and Net Zero
  • Challenges in the City Regions – From Traffic Pollution to Wet Wood Burning
  • Climate Emergency, Clean Air and Green Finance
  • Air Quality Strategy and Best Practice in the City of London
  • The Nitrogen Dioxide 5 Year Trend and Impact of COVID-19 on Levels of Air Quality
  • Air Quality Monitoring Schemes – Measuring the Impact, Refining the Modelling, Making Better Use of Data, Assessing Areas of Compliance and Testing New Sensors 
  • Collaborating with Others – London Boroughs and Councils, Clean Air Thames Project with Cross River Partnership, Port of London Authority, Business Community and Resident Groups
  • Reducing Emissions from Road Transport – Freight Consolidation, Pedestrian Priority Streets, Engine Idling Actions, Emission Based Parking Charges, ULEVs and EV Charging Points
  • Reducing Emissions from Non Transport – Planning Policy, Smoke Control, Construction Sites, Static Combustion Plants, Chimneys and Street Works
  • Low Emission Neighbourhoods and Ultra Low Emission Zones
  • Developing Smartphone Apps to Help Londoners Lower their Impact on, and Exposure to, Air Pollution
  • How to Effectively Manage and Enforce Clean Air and Low Emission Zones with Virtual Permits and Digital ANPR
  • Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s Traffic, Congestion and Pollution Reduction (TCPR) Scheme, Data Gathering, Permit Policy Development, Engagement, Outcomes and Deployment
  • Technology for Good – A New Hyperlocal Air Quality Monitoring Dimension
  • Hyperlocal and Mesh Network Deployment at Smart City Scale in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
  • Supporting Councils’ Climate Emergency Declarations and Decarbonisation Goals with Traffic Enforcement and Integrated Data Sets
  • Innovation in Construction – Building by Example: Minimising Impacts of Britain’s New High Speed Rail Network on Local Air Quality
  • NRMM Emission Compliance Verification Systems, Dust Monitoring Best Practise, Low/Zero Emission Alternatives, Zero Carbon Cabins/Solar Pods, Clean Air Gas Engines, Hydrogen Dual-Fuel and Driving Energy Efficiencies 
  • Innovative Ways to Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality
  • Living Walls, Green Roofs and Urban Greening Systems: Combining Nature and Innovation to Improve Air Quality, Inside and Out

Those qualifying to receive the presentation videos and rich content include: commissioning, procurement, trialling and partnering leads, senior influencers, strategic decision makers and planners from local authorities (e.g. city, borough, metropolitan, district and county councils); public/private transport operators and mobility service providers; sub-regional transport bodies, combined authorities, integrated transport authorities and passenger transport executives; freight and logistics operators; airports and port operators; vehicle manufacturers; energy providers; potential partners from industry (e.g. retail, construction, manufacturing and waste management sectors) and healthcare; DfT, Defra, EA, BEIS, DHSC and supporting national agencies; prime contractors etc.

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EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class, South 2021

EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how they can deploy the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to improve urban air quality and drive down emissions and air pollution in our cities and regions.


   London, UK

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