Richard Bradley

Midlands Connect

Head of Strategy

Midlands Connect (MC)

Richard Bradley heads up Midlands Connect’s Strategy Team. With a broad background in most aspects of transport planning and engineering, the last few years has been a period of re-defining the role of transport planning to the more holistic planning of infrastructure for transport, digital and alternative fuels. Richard has been able to build on his previous experiences with Transport for the North and Transport for the South East to provide a more systematic understanding of population and business demand to consume goods and services.

At Midlands Connect he has been challenged to build new cross-sector collaborations to ensure there are sufficient resources to meet future demand. This has included new approaches using enterprise architectures to link Government driven motivations with supply-chain capabilities and to check industry readiness to meet future demand. Richard has applied systems thinking to develop scalable and collaborative tools to build new types of evidence to help support investment and policy decisions, and to show how together the Midlands can deliver its strategic objectives and vision.

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