Sohejl Wanjani

Siemens IMS

Business Development Manager


Sohejl has been leading the market effort for Siemens Intermodal Solutions (IMS) in Austria since 2018 and has recently joined the UK Team of IMS. He spends his time on business development and strategising as well as having a keen interest in Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and IT based journey planners. As an avid public transport commuter and railway traveler himself Sohejl is constantly looking at ways to improve the overall passenger experience and how we can help operators and transport authorities make public transport more sustainable through better use of data and information. He can also benefit from his former experience as a Mobility Manager at Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (hvv) and Deutsche Bahn.

Sohejl has a background in Mechanical Engineering and started his career as a Sales and Project Engineer at Vossloh, where he was responsible for several non-destructive testing operations in the railway industry in Germany and Croatia.


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