Teresa Jolley

ODI Birmingham

Transport Lead

ODI Birmingham

Teresa Jolley is transport lead for the ODI Birmingham Node and West Midlands Open Data Forum, as well as a member of the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands.

A leading expert in local transport data sharing, Teresa was a member of the project review board for the DfT Local Transport Data Discovery project in 2018, and is part of the policy group for the Transport Data Initiative (TDI). She also works with the leading conference and event organisers Landor LINKS (Digital Transport Exchange), Hemming Group (Traffex Event Series) and Essential Infrastructure Events (HighwaysUK) to integrate data sharing expertise and collaborative methods of participation into their events.

Teresa is a Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT), including their Technology and Innovation Panel, and on the Council of the Local Government Technical Advisers Group (LGTAG).

Teresa is also co-founder and Creative Director of DEFT153 Ltd (Delivering Efficiency for the 153 Local Authorities in England), which designs and delivers practical solutions that enable collaboration and sharing of data between large organisations, public sector, SMEs, academia and the media to improve local transport. Teresa was shortlisted for the InnovateUK Women in Innovation Awards 2018, with the launch of the DEFT153 West Midlands Data Discovery Centre in January 2019. Teresa and the team provide a sustainable model for data sharing across organisations, sectors and disciplines that delivers business benefits, solves public sector challenges, and creates real social value.

With her 13+ years experience in a large engineering consultancy in a mix of technical, business and CDM Co-ordinator roles, two years as chair of the National Highways Maintenance Benchmarking Club, an MA in Online Journalism from Birmingham City University and a ODI Registered Trainer, Teresa spans many sectors and brings together diverse groups of people to collectively achieve common goals. She is active on Twitter @teresacjolley.

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