Tony McGurk


CTO & Co-Founder


With an impressive track record of designing and delivering a host of commercial applications that have been used worldwide to leverage data and gain a competitive advantage, Tony has 40 years of experience in the IT Industry, grey hair and that rare combination of a strong technical background and entrepreneurial spirit! He has managed multi-million-pound outsourcing contracts for the likes of Central TV, Swiss Life UK and the JCB Group and is passionate about service. As an Alumni of the Oxford University Said Business School Blockchain Strategy Program, Tony is a founding member of the Oxford Blockchain Foundation and an active member of the London Blockchain Foundation and British Blockchain Association (BBA). Tony is also a regular attendee of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (an advisory body of the UK), and is recognised as a leading exponent of blockchain in the circular economy.

CryptoCycle™ develops blockchain based solutions to incentivise behavioural changes in the circular economy. CrypoCycle™ was founded by a partnership that combines technology with application and a wealth of industry experience to move the company forward. They are delivering change to the circular economy and wider supply chains with transparent and incorruptible solutions that engage consumers through mobile apps. CryptoCycle™’s first application Reward4Waste is a perfect demonstration of how blockchain technology can be used to drive meaningful and significant change to the global economy. This encrypted unique-code system for deposit return schemes is just the first of many possible applications. CrytoCycle believe in using a consultative approach: their team of highly skilled professionals work to understand the needs of clients and their industries, both now and in the future.

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