Viktor Doychinov

University of Leeds

Research Fellow in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

University of Leeds

Viktor Doychinov is a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. His background is in high-frequency engineering, and covers the full spectrum from design, modelling and simulation; through fabrication and assembly; to test and measurement. Viktor has worked on research projects that involve cleanroom fabrication of sub-millimetre-wave waveguide components and circuits, design of circuits and components for wireless power transfer, and research and development of novel fabrication processes for implantable electronics. He manages a microwave and millimetre-wave measurement lab, and has practical experience with a variety of test equipment and techniques, from 10s of MHz to 100s of GHz.

Viktor’s research interests are broadly in the field of wireless communications and hardware, and their applications in complex and resource-constrained environments, such as infrastructure robotics and inside the human body. In addition, he is keen to explore novel fabrication methods, including commercially-available and research-grade 3D printing techniques, and their performance and relevance to high-frequency electronics.

Particular application areas that Viktor looks into are implantable antennas and transmitters, analogue electronics and wireless communications for medical devices, high-speed wireless communications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and use of millimetre-wave radar for autonomous UAV flight.

Viktor holds a PhD in Microwave Engineering from University of Leeds, MSc in Spacecraft Technology & Satellite Communications from University College London and BEng in Telecommunications from Technical University Sofia. He’s also a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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