Conigital are transport infrastructure integrators developing Mobility-as-a-Service, IoT sensors and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the next generation of zero emission driverless shuttles. Accessibility, independence and inclusivity for the visually impaired, less abled and the aged sit at the heart of all we do.

Connecting city infrastructures with digital assets, transforming traditional industries to create profit, social impact and sustainability. Our senior level team whose experience includes managing over £1Bn of funds, utilises a multi- disciplinary project partner approach, we develop and implement innovative technology and infrastructure projects with the aim of impacting 100 millions of lives globally.

ConICAV™ Platform:

Conigital’s ConICAV™ product suite is already being trialled on three UK Government sponsored projects, INSIGHT, CAPRI and SYNERGY with a range of partners and clients such as Heathrow Airport Manchester Airport, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The Mall Shopping Centre in Bristol. Our solution has three aspects for a full CAV deployment at high traffic destinations (HTDs) and large campuses:

  • ConOP™ – OPERATION – Agnostic intelligent decision-making functionality to manage and orchestrate fleets of any type of CAV, tactically, operationally and strategically.
  • ConAPP™ – UTILISATION – provides end-users with a white labeled App to access to the transportation service via hailing, sharing and payment interfaces.
  • ConAV™ – AUTOMATION – provides vehicle automation and supporting functionality that allows a vehicle to operate as a connected, self-driving vehicle in controlled and semi-controlled environments (i.e. an SAE level 4 manner).
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