Monique Seth


Partner & Co-founder


Monique Seth co-founded Conigital in 2015 as a vanguard organisation to become transport infrastructure integrators for connected and smart city initiatives. Entering rapidly as a niche player in the Connected Automotive Vehicle (CAV) industry (including vehicle types such as shuttle, bus, coach, car etc…), 3 years have been spent developing a fully integrated and connected CAV deployment, forming a core part of the Transport-as-a-Service (TaaS) business model. This includes the provision of connectivity and data flow so that useful real world services can be delivered to the end-user. The market sector targeted for deployment includes semi-controlled environments such as airports, shopping centres, business parks, campuses and hospitals. Embedded into the core activities and at the heart of everything Conigital do is the adoption of accessibility technology to ensure that all members of the community, including the visually impaired and elderly, are are able to take advantage of the new services provided.


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