FAXI is a smartphone app and online platform which enables people in communities to identify each other and easily arrange to share journeys. Faxi’s map design with real-time location and traffic information, allows people to share regular journeys, by car, public transport, bike or on foot.

Research suggests that nearly half of people would journey share with someone they know, yet millions of people travel each day with empty seats. Faxi believes that sharing is caring, and can help reduce congestion, pollution, and save people money and time while providing safer and more efficient travel.

Partner opportunities:

In July 2018 Faxi deployed its first white labelling solution for incentivised carpooling. We are proud to partner with Toyota Financial Services (Toyota FS) as the first partner for this service. We have cloned the Faxi platform and Toyota branded it to provide incentivised carpooling for Germany. The new platform, Toyota FS Carpooling, will sell carpooling software in Germany to major employers. This white label service allows business or government to provide mobility software to large employers while building a direct relationship with their commuting employees. Connecting, verifying, incentivising and rewarding carpooling employees. All partner platforms operate the same code base and are upgraded with new features and functionality as developed. The white label product allows you to brand and sell smartphone connected apps, web app, marketing support and a range of services like barrier access control, ticketing, a peer to peer payment system and real-time community dashboards.

About the team:

The Faxi team comes from a highly experienced background in technology and software development and we love stuff that makes a difference. Some of us are techy geeks and others just excited by ideas and creating things, so together we’re a pretty decent bunch. Faxi – your friends as a taxi – was created because we passionately believe that millions of people should be car sharing, lift sharing and journey sharing. Faxi can be used by anyone. It empowers people who are socially minded, environmentally minded, and financially aware, to make a difference. In this age of social media, strangers come together to communicate and Faxi allows them to become a more environmentally friendly community no matter who they are; from businesses to sports teams.

Office Address
Faxi Ltd
251 Grays Inn Rd
Kings Cross
United Kingdom

Selected Experts & Contacts

CEO and Founder
Edgar Weaver
Community Manager

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