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Greyparrot automates waste composition analysis using AI-powered computer vision software. Their first product is an “Automated Waste Monitoring System”, currently deployed on moving conveyor belts in MRFs and PRFs to analyse large waste flows. The system provides waste analytics and new insights previously unavailable to waste managers, producers and regulators. So far, waste analytics from this system are being used to increase resource capture, give quality guarantee to buyers and detect contaminants to mitigate against risks.

Greyparrot is committed to unlocking the financial value of waste, which will, in turn, support our transition to a circular economy and keep our environment clean for generations to come.

We are in a waste crisis

We produce over 2.1 billion tons of solid waste each year. Less than 1% is audited manually. This results in a lack of transparency and has devastating consequences:

  • Less than 10% of all plastic has ever been recycled
  • Over 73% of plastic is dumped, leaked, or put into landfill
  • 95% of the value of plastic packaging material is lost to the economy
  • Even if we reduce / substitute 200M tons of plastic/year, we will need to triple what we recycle today

What can’t be measured can’t be optimised

Many of the challenges faced by the resources and waste sector can be solved through an understanding and use of composition data.

  1. Lack of transparency – Missing data on the purity of materials leads to mistrust between buyer and seller, lawsuits and product returns
  2. Operational inefficiencies
  3. Costly manual sampling

Moving from guesswork to data-driven decisions

When you’re able to monitor and analyse waste composition at scale in your sorting facility, you’ll no longer have to rely on manual spot sampling to understand the true value of your material. Digitising your waste will allow you to increase your purity and recovery rates, and prevent the mismanagement of valuable recyclables.

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Introducing Greyparrot AI Waste Recognition System

Through AI-powered computer vision software, we provide in-depth data insights to stakeholders in the resources and waste sector – giving them vital information they have previously not been able to access.

How does it work?

Greyparrot offers a complete waste composition analysis solution that automates the manual process of sampling and auditing material through intelligent monitoring and analysis.

Monitor 100% of waste 24/7

Greyparrot solution provides real-time composition information at product, material and brand level.

  • 100% of waste is monitored providing instant live data
  • We can currently differentiate more than 49+ categories of waste
  • We do this with an accuracy of 95%

AI Monitoring Unit

Our AI monitoring unit can be retrofitted across different conveyor belt environments without changing existing infrastructure. The integrated AI model recognises the composition of large waste flows  in real time at a granular product, brand and material level.

Waste Analytics Dashboard

The waste analytics dashboard is completely configurable and customisable and displays instant live  data analytics reports and insights to inform your decision-making.

Waste Composition Integration

Our waste composition integration can link actionable insights with third party systems through an open API. This provides cognitive AI intelligence to existing software frameworks and automated sorting machinery.

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Office Address
Greyparrot AI Ltd
Canalot Studios
222 Kensal Road
Unit 407
W10 5BN
United Kingdom

Selected Experts & Contacts

Mikela Druckman
Co-Founder & CEO
Jochen Alt
Chief Technology Officer
Alisa Pritchard
Head of Marketing & Operations
Steve Almond
Head of Partnerships

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