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Serving 80 territories across Europe, North America and Africa, Instant System develops robust solutions in collaboration with transport authorities and operators to meet the daily mobility needs of cities. Our ambition is to simplify urban mobility thanks to a MaaS platform managed by public authorities and transport operators. We integrate all mobility offers in the territory (public transport, bike sharing, car sharing, carpooling, ride hailing, parking, etc.) in order to offer citizens a seamless, intermodal transport experience, from route finding to payment. A genuine tool for optimising mobility, this platform also aims to enable public players to manage all modes of transport on their territory.

Signature features

Intelligent features to improve your mobility networks:


The key to unlock, activate and use any mobility available! All in a single window!

Journey planner

Optimize your citizen’s trips and nudge sustainable mobility through our multimodal/intermodal and predictive journey planner.

Ticketing integration

Enable seamless purchase of public transport tickets, payment of on-demand transport, or unlocking active mobility modes. The one-stop shop for all mobilities!

Our Vision of MaaS

Virtuous, Collaborative, and Progressive

MaaS is also an organic progression of features depending on the needs of cities. A MaaS can start first as a passenger information app, with journey planning and timetables for public transit. From there, the app can develop through several stages to reach the current iterations of MaaS today with mobility service providers fully integrated into our solutions. And we foresee MaaS evolving further through continuous research and collaboration.

Instant System views MaaS as a platform that aids the collaboration of several stakeholders (public transport authorities, operators, private mobility providers, and more) with the aim to improve the management of public spaces, reduce pollution, and improve the quality of life in the city. This solution extends to corporations as more businesses carve our sustainability goals and develop new mobility policies for employees.

Solutions for Territories 

Territories have different objectives and challenges that cannot be solved with a generic approach. We believe in deep collaboration and our solutions are fine-tuned to link users to your city’s entire mobility network. We provide the tools, features, and integrations, you choose the best options for your users. Our products can come as an entire package, or built only with the features you need, or integrated with your existing tools

Collaboration is the future of transportation

Collaboration is in our DNA, we work with transport operators, mobility service providers, industry peers, research institutions, and more, to improve mobilities and unlock innovative solutions.

Corporate Solutions

We developed a MaaS app for businesses to help reach their sustainability goals and manage their mobility budgets with ease. As company goals and employee needs evolve towards sustainability, MaaS can be a powerful tool to achieve these new objectives. MaaS for Business is the key for companies to organize mobility policies and budgets, improve employees’ quality of life, attract new talent, and monitor and reach budget and emissions goals.

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