Making the Air Healthier to Breathe: EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class Retrospective


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With 92% of the world’s population living in places where air quality levels exceed “WHO’s Ambient Air quality guidelines” and the EIA forecasting that CO2 emissions will essentially stay flat for the next 30 years, the problem of air pollution is not going away anytime soon. Despite measures to address the pollution at source, the impact on the everyday person may take a number of decades to materialise. Furthermore, traditional safe havens such as vehicles and buildings may not be as safe as we may have first thought. At EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2019, Airlabs’ COO, Kit Stormont, helped us understand how creating clean air for people now is therefore critical to their everyday lives. Kit explained how, using revolutionary smart filtration technology, Airlabs have explored a variety of environments – from Marylebone Station and Stella McCartney’s flagship store in London to the streets of Delhi and inside cars – to make the air healthier to breathe.

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EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how they can deploy the latest digital technology-enabled solutions and best practices to improve urban air quality and drive down emissions and air pollution in our cities and regions.


   London, UK

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