Smart Classes Digest #18


Check out the new edition of Smart Classes Digest, our quarterly e-digest for the Smart Classes and Smart City-Region stakeholder communities!

Issue #18 “Insights”:

  • The rise of micro smart cities: small-scale, targeted solutions
  • Lessons from the city of Helsinki: three paradigm shifts in smart cities   
  • Clearing the air: transforming transport policies for healthier lives and cleaner communities   
  • AI may develop a huge carbon footprint, but it could also be a critical ally in the fight against climate change
  • Mobility as a Service: where transport meets technology
  • Equity in transport: a path to an inclusive and sustainable transport network for all
  • ‘Polite littering’ is a rubbish problem – here’s why the British approach to tackling clean ups is not working           

…plus thought provoking contributions from our sponsors, Calvium and Vortex:

  • Healthy cities, technology and innovation  
  • Leveraging hyperlocal air quality data for school streets  

We also:

Keep you posted on our current schedule of Smart Class events;

Introduce our keynote speakers and their presentations for TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2024, taking place at The Stoller Hall, Manchester, this Thursday 6th June – Registration closes today!

Look ahead, additionally, to PUBLIC REALM & URBAN SPACES Smart Class 2024 (Newcastle, July 10th) and TRANSPORT Smart Class, Scotland 2024 (Glasgow, September 12th) – qualifying delegates can register now for a free place!

Invite applications for a complimentary access link to the video recordings and slides from EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2024 (hosted at Greencoat Place Conference Centre, London, on May 1st), and share the first three presentation retrospectives from this latest Smart Class;

Look back at all the keynotes and innovator thought leadership presentations from WATER MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2024 (hosted at Greencoat Place on April 3rd) – qualifying stakeholders can also apply for the rich content from this event!

Place Delivery Mates, GridBeyond, map16 Asset Management and Newcastle Helix under the “Innovator Spotlight”!

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