Smart Classes Digest: Issue #02


Missed the second edition of Smart Classes Digest, our bimonthly e-digest for Smart City-Region stakeholders?

Issue #02 “Insights” reveal:

  • 5 emerging trends, one year on, that will shape post-pandemic cities
  • The huge impact LTNs could have on UK air quality and what needs to happen for a greener recovery out of lockdown
  • Why, with 5G and a NHN provider, making smart cities has never been easier and the transit network will become a more attractive option for the traveller
  • Top 10 UK cities for artificial intelligence  
  • The roads of Oxford’s future and prevailing citizen attitudes towards driverless cars, delivery drones and autonomous mobility
  • Complexities and uncertainties surrounding the future charging of millions of EVs and the need for socio-technical imagination
  • How investments in hydrogen technology can help governments achieve net zero objectives 

…and blog contributions from our sponsors, Padam Mobility and Vianova, ask:

  • What’s next for public transport in the UK?
  • Why will effective data sharing underpin the future sustainability of our cities?

We also confirm the updated schedule of Smart Classes for 2021-22, revised last month to comply with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown (qualifying delegates can register free of charge!); take a peek at our upcoming EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class, South 2021 (London, June 23rd), TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2021 (Manchester, July 9th) and TRANSPORT Smart Class, Scotland 2021 (Edinburgh, September 16th) events; look back at selected presentations from last year’s Transport Smart Classes for Wales and the Midlands; and place City of London Corporation, Hawa Dawa, Imperial and Vivacity Labs under the “Innovator Spotlight”.

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