Smart Classes Digest: Launch Edition


Check out the inaugural edition of Smart Classes Digest, our bimonthly e-digest of thought leadership from across the Smart Classes community!

Issue #01 “Insights” reveal:

  • 7 things that successful smart cities do differently according to IoT Analytics’ latest research
  • Why the demise of the smart city has been greatly exaggerated and using data and digital twins for the public good is key
  • The establishment of ‘school streets’ and their role in creating safer, healthier cities
  • Why the RTPI say we need a connected and coordinated approach to planning utility infrastructure
  • How sewer robots could help maintain and repair the UK’s 1 million km underground pipe network
  • Why new challenges mean we need to rethink the way we imagine future cities and urban landscapes
  • An appraisal of mass rapid transit options for Milton Keynes

…and the blog contributions from our sponsor, Padam Mobility, highlight the private car being on the verge of making a resounding comeback, the risk this poses to responsible mobility, DRT as a resilient and flexible public transport solution, and why the bus must reinvent itself to become “the iPhone of transportation modes”.

We also provide an update on upcoming and future Smart Class events (qualifying delegates can register free of charge), confirm the keynotes for our “Emissions & Air Quality, South” edition; look back at all the presentations from our latest Transport Smart Class for London & South East England; and place Clearview Intelligence, Hull City Council, See.Sense and Vortex IoT under the “Innovator Spotlight”.

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