Smart Classes Launches New Innovator Directory: Add your Credentials as a Smart City-Region Stakeholder!


One of the all-encompassing topics of discussion at our Smart Class events is agile transformation – the need to adapt and evolve to deal with shifting customer demands and requirements, advancements in new technologies, and other disruptive elements of an ever-changing business and digital landscape. We at Smart Classes are no exception and must continue to adjust and innovate in our pursuit of providing the best events and knowledge opportunities and bringing smart aspiring city-regions, technology disruptors and key sector leads together to inform, consult and collaborate.

Today we officially announce our new Innovator Directory, a dedicated area on our website that we hope will help inspire you to realise the ‘Smart Vision’ of your city, region, communities, public services or critical infrastructure operations.

The Innovator Directory lets you peruse profiles, source solutions and use cases, identify key contacts and access compelling content from trailblazers, early adopters and major stakeholders who are developing or deploying the latest digital innovations, data-driven strategies and best practices to overcome challenges around transport and mobility, air quality and emissions, waste management, water management, energy, healthcare, governance, education, security, buildings, infrastructure and more!

We hope you find our expansive Innovator Directory easy to use and that it quickly becomes a default destination for honing your smart strategies and addressing some of your specific challenges. Of course, all feedback is welcome and we’re already making enhancements as the directory grows.

If you prefer, you can also enlist your company or organisation and become a source of inspiration throughout the Smart Classes platform. The Innovator Directory perfectly complements our on-going, highly acclaimed events channel, bringing many more stakeholders into the vision of our vast delegate network.



Free Innovator Directory Packages: Limited Time Offer, Enlist Your Smart Credentials Now!

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As the fightback against coronavirus continues, sending most of us into uncharted territory, we’re offering “Mover” Packages on the Smart Classes Innovator Directory free of charge for a limited […]

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