Updated Schedule of Smart Classes: Secure your free delegate place or showcase your innovations and thought leadership!


With restrictions starting to ease and the vaccination roll out well under way, we thought this would be an opportune time to update you on our schedule of in person Smart Classes for UK Smart City-Region stakeholders, recently revised to comply with the government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

Updated Smart Classes Schedule for 2021 and beyond:

Our 2022 schedule will also feature additional TRANSPORT Smart Classes (including our first dedicated edition for Northern Ireland which we’re aiming to host in Belfast next Spring!) plus further EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Classes!

What is a Smart Class and how can I participate?

Smart Classes are collaborative, half-day (usually 8.30am-2.00pm), knowledge exchange events. Uniquely, they give strictly buyer side stakeholders (e.g. city councils, local authorities and combined authorities; public transport operators; sub-regional transport bodies, ITAs and PTEs; highways authorities; waste authorities; utilities; central government departments and supporting bodies; environmental agencies; developers; prime contractors etc) the opportunity to find out exactly how they can deploy the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to tackle the challenges faced by aspiring smart cities, regions and communities, public service providers and critical infrastructure operators.

Our tried-and-tested format is built around thought-leadership presentations from innovators, in-depth roundtable discussions with experts and peers, and insightful keynotes delivered by inspirational role models. There are further networking opportunities over breakfast, drinks and lunch and we create a warm event environment (often at characterful, out-of-the-box venues) to keep our carefully curated audiences fully engaged. Usually limited to a maximum 50 participants, Smart Classes ensure that technology disruptors, city-regions and key sector leads really can inform, consult and collaborate.

Click here for a general overview of our events portfolio and to discover the “Market context” of Smart Classes.

Want to join us at a Smart Class to learn how to effectively harness innovation, technology and data science to tackle your transport and mobility, emissions and air quality, public realm, waste management, energy, water management or healthcare challenges? Secure your complimentary delegate place by clicking on the Smart Class of your choice from the schedule above and completing the short registration form located at the bottom of each page. Remember, a major USP of Smart Class events is that all delegates must satisfy our buyer side qualification criteria (described on the individual event page). The only innovators or digital/data driven solution vendors in the room are our innovation sponsors.

Can’t attend your chosen Smart Class? You’re welcome to extend the opportunity to another senior colleague or team member.

Still need convincing? Check out our Testimonials page or peruse the individual Smart Class pages from our schedule for further details including previous presentation topics and attending stakeholders, selected feedback from participants, links to previous editions and links to “Retrospective Round-Ups” that we publish following each event.

Innovators! Like to showcase your solutions and thought leadership credentials at a Smart Class to our qualified audience of buyers and collaborators? We’re able to accommodate up to 5 innovators/solution vendors in an “Innovation Sponsor” capacity. This opportunity also applies to companies who source or advise on digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies or best practices that can play a key role in helping our buyer-side delegates address their challenges. Check out our Event Sponsorship page for full details on “Smart Class Innovation Sponsorship Packages”.

Stay Safe, Feel Safe: Last October (prior to the 2nd national lockdown in England) Smart Classes became one of the first conference organisers in the UK to successfully resume the hosting of face-to-face (physical format) business meetings and events in a Covid-Secure environment, fully compliant with Government regulations (which at the time restricted the number of participants to 30, compared to our regular 50 attendees). Following a full site inspection, we ensured that our venue strictly followed official health guidelines and implemented a comprehensive range of safety precautions, including: temperature checks for all participants on arrival; extra sanitiser dispensers on tables and throughout the building; enhanced cleaning schedules with extra staff constantly disinfecting high volume areas; multiple laminated posters in place in all public areas emphasising the importance of personal hygiene and hand-washing; QR code posters for visitors to scan using the NHS track and trace app; public areas marked to assist with adherence to social distancing regulations; venue staff with access to PPE and fully trained on revised health and safety measures; larger tables to accommodate socially distanced delegates etc. With regards to catering, personalised table service replaced self-service and, to help facilitate engaging stress free roundtable sessions and networking, we provided full face eye cover visor shields to everybody involved! To ensure a safe and high quality experience for all stakeholders, our 2021 Smart Class venues will likewise be required to operate an event compliant ‘Covid-Secure Standards Charter’ and will remain vigilant even after the government has removed all legal limits on social contact, authorised the reopening of all forms of hospitality premises and eased restrictions on even larger events and performances.


Innovator Directory Packages

Our Innovator Directory is a dedicated area on the Smart Classes website to inspire key stakeholders towards realising the ‘Smart Vision’ of their city, region, communities, public services or critical infrastructure operations. You can peruse profiles, source solutions and use cases, identify key contacts and access compelling content from trailblazers, early adopters and major stakeholders who are developing or deploying the latest digital innovations, data-driven strategies and best practices to overcome challenges around transport and mobility, air quality and emissions, waste management, public realm, water management, energy, healthcare, governance, education, security, buildings, infrastructure and more!

Why not enlist your company or organisation with a “Mover”, “Shaker” or “Disruptor” Directory Package and become a further source of inspiration across the Smart Classes platform. These are affordable options for any budget! The Innovator Directory perfectly complements our Events channel, bringing many more stakeholders into the vision of Smart Classes vast delegate network.


Digest Sponsorships

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Digest Sponsorship is semi-exclusive and a genuinely cost effective way to raise your profile as a recognised authority and trailblazer; maximise awareness of your brand, services, solutions and smart credentials; generate leads for sales pipelines; boost registrations to a webinar series; enrol industry professionals for a training course; attract subscribers to a newsletter, e-book, whitepaper or podcast; increase responses to a questionnaire or quantitative research survey; or encourage participation in a collaboration initiative.


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