Utilising Data Science to Introduce New DDRT and MaaS Services: TRANSPORT Smart Class, South West England 2022 Retrospective


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The introduction of a new transport service can be particularly challenging since there are no ‘like for like’ historical networks from which to draw information. Dynamic Demand Responsive Transport is often introduced into a new area in one of two ways:

  1. As a new transport layer in the existing network which helps to fill gaps.
  2. Replacing low frequency and under performing bus routes in a more flexible and dynamic way.

Jack Holland, Padam Mobility’s Head of UK Business Development, explained at TRANSPORT Smart Class, South West England 2022 why the decision to introduce DDRT in a particular area should be made using an evidence-based approach. To do this, a deep dive of the data can help understand the ripple effects of introducing a service. For example, it can help to see the impact that a DRT service will have on feeding fixed-line buses and/or trains in a region. It can also help to analyse an operating area holistically to see what existing fixed-line services may benefit from being converted into DRT.

Padam is now part of Siemens Mobility who also use data as a key component of their MaaS solution, deployed in many countries around the world. Jack was joined at the podium by Alex Stewart – General Manager Siemens IMS (UKI) at Siemens Mobility – who described how, in order to create a ‘sustainable’ MaaS solution, high quality data and analysis are used to significantly enhance passenger satisfaction, driving modal shift, economic growth and high social value.

Jack and Alex’s presentation, and their deeper dive hosted roundtable sessions, showcased how data is used pre-mobilisation and post-launch when launching DRT and MaaS; explored how to use learnings from Padam’s Orleans Metropole Case Study in the UK; demonstrated why we should “think multi-modal” (“no singular transport mode is the right solution”); and highlighted the importance of integration with the existing network and non-competition with other modes of transport.

If you satisfy our regular delegate qualification criteria but were unable to join us on April 28th for the live in-person event at M Shed, CLICK HERE and complete the short “Download form” (located at the bottom of the post) to receive a unique link enabling free access to the presentation video recordings and slides (including the film footage and slides from Jack and Alex’s initial presentation).

Those qualifying to receive the rich presentation content from this event include commissioning, procurement, trialling and partnering leads, senior influencers, strategic decision makers and planners from: local authorities (e.g. city, borough, metropolitan, district and county councils); public and private transport operators; regional transport partnerships, sub-regional transport bodies, combined authorities, integrated transport authorities and passenger transport executives; highways authorities and road operators; government and supporting national transport agencies; fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, parking operators, prime contractors etc.

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TRANSPORT Smart Class, South West England 2022

On 28th April 2022 we will be casting a spotlight over South West England, hosting our speakers discussions on how the latest digital innovations can help overcome the transport and mobility challenges faced by burgeoning city-regions such as Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Exeter, Gloucester, Plymouth and Torbay, Bournemouth/Poole, Salisbury, Swindon, and beyond.


   Bristol, UK

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