Andrew Hickford

Leeds City Council

Project Manager, Sustainable Energy & Air Quality

Leeds City Council

Andrew works in Leeds City Council’s Sustainable Energy & Air Quality service which has responsibility for the Leeds Climate Emergency action programme.

He has worked on fleet decarbonisation, supporting the delivery of one of the largest ZE fleets in the country, as well as managing the first local authority managed EV trials centres with 49 electric vehicles available for businesses, SMEs, public sector, private hire drivers and third sector organisations to trial for up to 2 months.

Andrew also leads on EV infrastructure, working on charge point delivery for Leeds’ fleet, in addition to public charging facilities such as a 100+ unit rapid charge network across the region, as well as Leeds schemes in residential areas, and hub provision such as at Park and Ride locations.

He is also managing the Leeds work packages of two Innovate UK projects: EV-Velocity (trialling vehicle to grid charging at 2 LCC locations) and AMiCc (which is trialling wireless charging at 2 LCC locations).

Andrew additionally works with a number of third sector groups supporting the delivery of the Climate Action Leeds programme that is driving carbon reduction in communities across the city. He previously supported this group with the successful application for £2.5m of Lottery funding.

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