Peter Murphy


Co-Founder & CEO


Peter Murphy is Co-Founder and CEO of ZiggyTec, a leading indoor air quality monitoring service provider. He brings decades and knowledge and experience to the engineering team at ZiggyTec, including 29 years at Ireland’s state energy provider, ESB.

Peter joined ESB after completing an engineering degree and worked in roles including Energy Efficiency Manager, General Manager of Synergen Power Station, Head of Energy Trading, Commercial Director of ESB International and Managing Director of a UK supply business.

Peter co-founded ZiggyTec in 2018, combining his experience with the energy industry and sustainable practices with the power and impact that IoT technology is bringing to commercial buildings. Peter and his team are continually looking to enhance existing solutions and design new ones to meet the growing demand for environment-related services.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, ZiggyTec serves a diverse client base, including global real estate service providers, professional service providers, insurance and financial services companies, public sector bodies, local councils and authorities, and many more.

In four years of operation, Peter has helped bring the company to a leading position in the indoor air quality monitoring market, by offering trusted, personalised solutions, providing value in its effective, consultancy-based approach, accuracy in its reliable data and quality in its innovative systems.

Peter is a regular contributor at conferences and events focused on smart buildings, sustainability, environmental services, indoor air quality monitoring and ESG.

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