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On June 17th we hosted EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class, North 2022 in Leeds at The Carriageworks Theatre, Millennium Square. This Smart Class gave a fresh take on deploying the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to improve urban air quality and drive down emissions and air pollution in cities and regions across the North of England, and beyond.

As usual, our videographer captured the keynotes and innovator presentations on film for additional stakeholders to enjoy post-event!

If you meet our regular delegate qualification criteria but were unable to join us on the day, just complete the short application form below and we’ll give you complimentary access to the presentation videos, recordings and slides.

Our inspirational keynotes included Andrew Hickford (Project Manager for Leeds City Council’s Sustainable Energy & Air Quality Service), Neil Wait (Head of Environmental Sciences at HS2), Dr Jim Parker (Reader in Building Simulation & Urban Environments at the Leeds Sustainability Institute) and Thom Cooper (Sustainability Manager at the University of Leeds). Andrew, Neil, Jim and Thom provided invaluable real-world insights into their emissions and air quality strategies, ongoing programmes and challenges, digital visions, collaborative initiatives, and adoptions of emerging, transformative technologies and data driven outcomes.

The Smart Class also featured innovator thought leadership presentations – on behalf of Marston Holdings & Vortex IoT, Slingshot Simulations and ZiggyTec – from Nick Ruxton-Boyle, Robert Harwood, Alex Trout and Peter Murphy. Each innovator speaker represented unique emissions and air quality innovation themes and priority areas of application, and subsequently hosted (with support from expert colleagues) confidential, deeper dive, roundtable discussions with all delegates in attendance. The live (in-person only) session also included Q&As and further networking opportunities over breakfast, drinks and a cooked lunch.

Key topics addressed included:

  • Decarbonisation of transport and improving air quality in a growing city;
  • Leeds Climate Emergency action programme and ambitions to become climate neutral by 2030 – The role of modal shift, behavioural change, ULEVs and zero emission fleets;
  • Leeds’ present and projected emissions by sector;
  • Adopting tougher WHO targets for air quality after compliance with UK and EU legislative targets for NOx;
  • EV uptake, EV charging, growth in public charging, future demand and how will vehicles charge?;
  • Developing city scale EVCP for Leeds, next steps for decarbonisation and benefits of decarbonisation planning; 
  • Living Labs – Learning from our urban environment and embedding sustainability through knowledge, engagement, collaboration, and innovation;
  • Encouraging sustainable travel and commuting; 
  • Deploying a network of sensors across the city region to monitor the urban environment;
  • Studies into particulates on campus, indoor vs outdoor air quality relationships and commuter exposure;
  • External air quality – Comparing dense urban to semi-urban environments. Does green space make a difference and what is influence do windspeed and direction have on different pollutants?; 
  • Internal air quality – Sensorbee particle counters, movement of pollutants within buildings, measuring 7 different types of particulate simultaneously and monitoring internal air quality in low-energy housing and health care facilities;     
  • Monitoring the Leeds urban heat island and quantifying the impact of green space on urban heat;
  • Using testbeds to inform decision making and policy, including landscape strategy and travel plans;
  • HS2 ambitions and challenges to achieve net zero from 2035;
  • Innovations in construction and eliminating diesel – Delivering the HS2 air quality strategy commitments to avoid and minimise impacts from construction on local air quality;
  • Building Britain’s new high speed rail network using the cleanest technologies available – supporting UK R&D as a decarbonisation enabler; 
  • Zero and low emission alternatives and efficiency solutions; 
  • Case studies – Alternative fuel trial, clean airgas engine (CAGE), hydrogen dual fuel vehicles, H2 fuel cell technology, importing green hydrogen, aquafuels glycerine generators, punch flybrid, econet power management and NRMM retrofit;      
  • Data led air quality improvements and transport decarbonisation;
  • Visualising climate change – The climate spiral; 
  • How the use of smart city technology and digital enforcement can generate a platform in which public support can be gained and maintained through good data collection and visualisation;
  • ULEZ monitoring, geofencing, enabling hyperlocal air quality monitoring and managing LEZs/CAZs with digital ANPR;
  • Design and planning of AQ interventions;
  • How data, air quality and decarbonisation interact towards traffic reduction; 
  • Monitoring network, behaviour change and CAZ/LEZ case studies;
  • Data and IoT’s tremendous potential for air quality improvement; 
  • Simulation as a service and 3D air quality modelling;
  • Using sustainable digital twins to demonstrate future air quality scenarios;
  • The double edged sword of data and digital twins, critical role of graph technology and unleashing the power of digital twins once data is linked;
  • Would you serve your guests dirty water and do you know the air you’re drinking?; 
  • The increasing risk around poor indoor air quality, how it impacts building occupants’ health and wellbeing, and how technology can provide simple, cost-effective solutions; 
  • Top 5 factors behind poor indoor air quality and how data can help reduce their harmful effects; 
  • Why indoor air quality is fast rising up the agenda in boardrooms – Links to ESG, sustainability certification and employee wellbeing etc.   

Those qualifying to receive the presentation videos and rich media content from this event include commissioning, procurement, trialling and partnering leads, senior influencers, strategic decision makers and planners from: local authorities (e.g. city, borough, metropolitan, district and county councils); public and private transport operators/service providers; sub-regional transport bodies, combined authorities, integrated transport authorities and passenger transport executives; road operators and highways authorities; freight and logistics operators; airports and port operators; vehicle manufacturers; energy providers; potential partners from industry (e.g. retail, construction, manufacturing and waste management sectors) and healthcare; DfT, Defra, EA, BEIS, DHSC and supporting national agencies; prime contractors etc.

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EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class, North 2022

EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how they can deploy the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to improve urban air quality and drive down emissions and air pollution in our cities and regions.


   Leeds, UK

Sponsored by
Marston Holdings
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