Clarisse Tavin

City of London Corporation

Group Manager - Major Programmes and Projects

City of London Corporation

Clarisse Tavin is a Group Manager for Major Programmes and Projects at the City of London Corporation. Trained in France and Italy, Clarisse is a chartered architect with 15 years’ experience of delivering and managing high level public realm strategies, programmes and projects with an interest on how to make our cities more liveable, supporting health and wellbeing and the sustainable agenda, as well as ensuring social equity.

Clarisse manages a team of professional Project Managers, and her expertise is in the realisation and delivery of public realm enhancement, public art and place-making strategies in a very dynamic and complex urban environment. These include a variety of works which all focus on creating the highest possible quality of environment for people, such as the City Lighting Strategy,  the “Look and Feel” Strategy for Culture Mile, the City cultural district in the heart of the Square Mile, and Smithfield public realm transformation.

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