Daria Kaczorowska

Project Centre

Associate Landscape Architect

Project Centre

Daria is Associate Landscape Architect at Project Centre. She has 17 years of experience as a chartered landscape architect leading multidisciplinary projects from concept design to construction. Throughout her career, she has been involved in planning processes across both the private and public sectors, leading teams to deliver major schemes around the UK.

Daria has gained recognition for her highly developed design skills. She blends landscape design and horticulture knowledge with environmental aspects to create spaces tailored to local requirements. Her design responds to local needs, and engages with local communities and schools by providing adequate facilities.

In her projects, she captures biodiversity enhancement, sustainability and new habitat creation. Her experience and awareness of ecology and environmental aspects have matured through delivering projects within different landscape designations.

Daria’s expertise lies within horticulture and ecology. Specifically, in new rebuilding ecological corridors and building green infrastructure. Her experience at the plant nursery has helped her deliver large scale planting and environmentally challenging schemes in the UK and internationally.

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