Julie Snell

Bristol is Open


Bristol is Open (BiO)

Julie has great enthusiasm and passion for innovation that improves the quality of people’s lives. She has a wealth of business expertise gained through her time at BT, including the start up of BT’s public WiFi Openzone network which led to her engagement with the then newly founded global Wireless Broadband Alliance, where she represented BT as board member and latterly as Chair of the global Wireless Broadband Alliance.

Julie was instrumental in driving the global strategic vision to establish public Wi-Fi governance in the legal/technology/billing and customer experience areas.

As an experienced and successful business executive with many years experience driving innovative, superior operations and overall corporate performance, Julie possess a wide range of knowledge and experience that is enabling her to contribute and lead BiO toward success in its next stage of business growth.

She has been following Smart City programs since its earliest days and is excited to see this vision becoming a reality. Julie is a passionate Smart City fan and is driving the considerable opportunities to start scaling Smart Propositions that could take Bristol to the next level.

Bristol is Open is developing an open programmable city. It is a collaboration between the technology, media & telecommunications industry, universities, local communities, and local and national government. The project is governed by a joint venture between University of Bristol and Bristol City Council. Long term partners join an advisory panel that guides the joint venture on the evolution of the network, the creation of multi-partner experiments, the services that underpin the project and publicity and events surrounding the project.

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