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Martin Navarro is Director (and previously UK Head of Sales and E-Mobility) of Enel X Way, the Enel Group’s new Global Business Line fully dedicated to electric mobility. Enel X manage 320,000 public and private charging points for electric vehicles (EVs, both directly and through interoperability agreements around the world). As a global platform for e-mobility, Enel X Way is focused on scaling up EV charging infrastructure to meet the needs of the rapidly growing electric mobility market, while developing advanced charging technologies and flexible solutions to improve customer experience and support the electrification of transport.

Prior to joining Enel X, Martin held senior commercial and strategy positions at intelligent charging systems innovators Wallbox and Wenea. In addition to his renewable energies experience, he has worked in the educational sector, teaching at private Universities in Spain, and also opened his first company in Spain in 2014 which he sold 2 years later.

Born in Ecuador, raised in California and having lived in Spain for 9 years and the UK for nearly 3 years, Martin is passionate about travel, cookery and Manchester United.

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