Pedro Abreu

Oxford City Council

Principal Air Quality Officer

Oxford City Council

Pedro Rocha e Abreu is an Environmental Engineer with a specialization in Air Quality and with 11 years experience in the environmental consultancy field.

With a strong international background, including previous working experiences in Holland (ALTERRA Institute), Italy (European Commission JRC-Ispra) and Spain (ENVIRON Iberia-Barcelona), Pedro’s level of expertise traverses a range of subjects, from eddie covariance and forest flux measurements, to due diligence audits, soil and groundwater investigations, environmental compliance and Air Quality.

In February 2015, he worked as an Air Quality Analyst Consultant for the global sustainability consultancy Ricardo Energy & Environment, being part of a team supporting senior consultants in delivering air quality projects to different clients. Since 2017 he has worked within Oxford City Council’s Environmental Sustainability Team, as Oxford’s Principal Air Quality Officer.

Pedro has acquired extensive experience of the LAQM regime: air quality monitoring, air quality management, policy, development of AQASRs and AQAPs, stakeholder engagement, submission of successful bids for DEFRA’s Air Quality Grant and technical reviews of air quality assessments and EIA’s for planning applications.

Pedro is a full member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (MIEnvSc) and of the Institute of Air Quality Management (MIAQM).

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