EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2024 Retrospectives Round-Up


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Missed any of the EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2024 “Retrospectives”?

Here’s another opportunity to gain valuable insights from our Innovation Sponsors (EMSOL, Vortex, Marston Holdings and Sustrans) and Keynote Supporters (UK Health Security Agency/UKHSA, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council and Global Action Plan/GAP).

If you satisfy our regular delegate qualification criteria* for an Emissions & Air Quality Smart Class but were unable to join us in London for the live in-person event on May 1st,  CLICK HERE and complete the short “Download form” at the bottom of the post to receive a unique link giving complimentary access to all of the presentation video recordings and slides. Alternatively, click on your preferred presentation title from below to re-visit an individual retrospective:

  1. “Tacking Air Pollution and Promoting Public Health”
  2. “Beyond Air Quality Monitoring – Breathing Life Back into our Communities”
  3. “Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Air Quality Engagement in Oxfordshire”
  4. “Understanding the Link Between Air Quality and Active Travel”
  5. “Why Collaboration is Key to Cleaning up our Air”
  6. “Data for Action – Making the Invisible, Visible”

* Those qualifying to receive the rich media content from this event include commissioning, procurement, trialling, partnering and policy leads, senior influencers, strategic decision makers, environmental managers and planners from local authorities (e.g. city, borough, metropolitan, district and county councils); public and private transport operators/service providers; sub-regional transport bodies, combined authorities, integrated transport authorities and passenger transport executives; freight and logistics operators; airports and port operators; vehicle manufacturers; energy providers; potential partners from industry (e.g. retail, construction, manufacturing and waste management sectors) and healthcare; DfT, Defra, EA, BEIS, DHSC, UKHSA and other supporting national agencies; prime contractors; academia etc.


Here’s what some of our delegates and stakeholders had to say about EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2024:

“I’m very selective about seminars and networking events. This was excellent! Really good discussions and really pleased to have come today…Excellent, thought provoking event with some great connections made. Pitched at just the right level, extremely informative but in a relaxed setting. Thank you” Head of Environment, First Bus • “Thank you, it was really nice to meet you last week and join this interesting event” Principal Environmental Health Scientist – Air Quality and Public Health Team, UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) • “Great to have attended this insightful and thought provoking event! Looking forward to the next edition” Principal Environmental Protection Officer, Southwark Council • “Recently I attended the Emissions and Air Quality Smart Class, hosted by Smart Classes – a fantastic one-day networking and learning event – hearing from leading businesses, councils, health colleagues and more! Attending as a Local Authority it was great to see ‘how it’s done’. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the great opportunities modern technologies offer to understand pollution better, and how to develop policies and strategies for improved air quality. Engaging, collaborative and informative…and made some good networking connections. I am really looking forward to attending future Smart Classes and to continue networking with SMEs, beyond the introduction Smart Classes provides” Climate Change Officer – Partnership Engagement, Surrey County Council • “All of the expert presentations were very useful and provided a lot of food for thought on the various areas” Principal Air Quality Officer, Oxford City Council • “Highly engaging morning with good networking and informative presentations. The potential technology uses in the future were most valuable” Transport Development Officer, Leicester City Council 

“It was a pleasure to speak at this Smart Classes event on behalf of Global Action Plan on the critical role of collaboration to tackle air pollution – all the more important as we head to Clean Air Day, where groups across the country will be calling for action on clean air! Really appreciate the invite, and getting the chance to share our work, and learn from others” – Head of Programmes – Clean Air, Global Action Plan (GAP) • “Had a really good time. Very interesting to hear what other people are doing” Principal Environmental Officer, Slough Borough Council • “Well presented, informative and engaging” Communications Manager – Green Transport, Greater London Authority (GLA) • “It was a very enjoyable and interesting session. Hope to see you again soon” ZEV & Energy Integration Team Leader, Oxfordshire County Council • “Thank you very much, it was a great event” Sustainable Transport Planner, Hackney Council • “I enjoyed this day. Many thanks for an invitation” Head of City Planning Policy, Westminster City Council • “Thank you for the invite. It definitely enabled some interesting conversations around air quality with the local authority attendees” Programme Manager, Centre for Low Emission Construction (CLEC), Imperial College London “It was a really interesting event and I walked away with new connections and a lot of useful information” Sustainability Consultant, Smart Transport Hub“Useful and informative” Air Quality Associate, Cundall “Thank you so much. As always, Smart Class events are very insightful. Builds bridges between industry professionals and opens doors to collaboration in projects and opportunities” Project Manager, Mace

“What a great event and day, thank you! The content around Air Quality was top quality, and the insights and discussions from the roundtables were a great opportunity to debate the air quality challenges. Featured amazing speakers and the industry representatives and local authorities were keen to learn and understand more about air quality. Unlike the usual 5-minute investor pitches, I was given the time to be able to explain how our tech and innovation are enabling change and reductions in air pollution, which was a joy!” Founder & CEO, EMSOL (Innovation Sponsor) • “EMSOL was proud to support the EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Classes last week. It was an insightful filled with thought-provoking presentations and engaging discussions on tackling air pollution and promoting public health. A big thank you to Smart Classes for organising such a fantastic event and to all the speakers and attendees for the valuable insights and knowledge sharing!”Marketing Team, EMSOL (Innovation Sponsor) Hyperlocal air quality monitoring does not clean the air on its own. But it gives you the ability to find ways to reduce pollution locally. Nicholas Ruxton-Boyle explained the value of traffic restrictions on School Streets as one example of reducing pollution at last week’s Smart Classes” – Marketing Team, Vortex, part of Marston Holdings (Innovation Sponsor) “We thought it was a really valuable event and enjoyed speaking to the other delegates on the roundtables” – Project Manager – Behaviour Change Team, Sustrans (Innovation Sponsor) • “Fantastic Smart Classes yesterday discussing Emissions & Air Quality. Our very own Alison Litherland from Sustrans London delivered a brilliant solution led, community centric, fact and experience based presentation about Behaviour Change interventions. As a team we also held roundtables, with brilliant discussions around inclusive, meaningful and impactful people centred positive change. Well done to everyone who joined the class! Thank you for organising – it was brilliant!Business Development Officer, Sustrans (Innovation Sponsor)


We’re thrilled to announce that EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2025 will take place in a Midlands city, next Spring (May 2025 date and location to be confirmed shortly).

If you’d like to speak at next year’s event, please get in touch!

Schedule of Smart Classes for 2024 and beyond:


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EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how they can deploy the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies, policies and best practices to improve urban air quality and drive down emissions and air pollution in our cities and regions. EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2024 will be hosted in London on May 1st.


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